Useful Resources

In the Real Estate Realtor Industry, we do rely on tools and resources that will help us to deliver a professional, fast service to our clients.  Many of these resources can also be used by clients, buyers, sellers, and investors, themselves.

Useful Resources and Tools:

Free Online Home Evaluation:

A free evaluation will be conducted, online, after an analysis of the information that is submitted on the site.  A comparative market-value will be given after a thorough search through the database of all the homes listed in the local area.  A relevant price can be determined to list your property on the market.

Real Estate Directory:

When you need to find a Real Estate Broker Agency, a Real Estate Agent or any Real Estate Related services, this is the directory to look at.  This directory has the most comprehensive list of Real Estate professionals and they operate worldwide.

Abbreviations Used in Real Estate Transactions and Dealings:

Abbreviations can sometimes cause a lot of difficulties when you need to read a document and you do not know what half of the content means.  All the abbreviations used in the Real Estate industry can be found in this list, and then some more.  A description of each abbreviation is given and the way it should be used, as well as, what it means.

There are many ways in which technology can be useful and helpful when information is needed about Real Estate, Internationally.  These are only a few of the helpful resources you can use.  For any further enquiries or information please contact USCMG at