Calgary Canada Shows Rising Trend Towards Gated Communities

Over the years we have witnessed large swings in interest throughout the different real estate verticals in this blooming Canadian city. Calgary is Canada’s third largest city located smack-dab in the middle of the booming oil rich region of Alberta Canada.

But Calgary hasn’t always been a real estate hotspot.

Since 2013, the area has been a slump when it came to single family homes and real estate sales period. And only in mid-2019 of this year have we seen a swing to more positive numbers.

As interest grows throughout areas like Auburn Bay, Cranston, McKenzie Towne and New Brighton, we are beginning to see a rising interest in master planned or “gated communities”. Not to forget Altadore community known for its upper class homes.

Alberta Canada

Like the rest of North America, the trend towards community living has risen here in the Calgary region and with hyper inflated markets like Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto making purchasing there extremely difficult, Calgary stands out as an affordable alternative. Furthermore the province of Alberta emerging as a hotspot for energy sector workers.

With Canadian elections on the horizon, real estate investors throughout Western Canada await the results which surely will impact their investments and the potential for growth.

In the 2019 Canada real estate market analysis by, it is hard to ignore the rise in sales, particularly in condos, in the Calgary area. Naturally investors are breathing a little easier after five and a half years of declining sales.

That being said, the 2020 forecast is starting to show a much more positive environment for the market and as we’ve previously outlined above, the gated community and condo markets are the ones leading the way.

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How To Choose A Gated Community Through An International Real Estate Agency

When you need to move to another country, you usually do a bit of research before you choose which area to relocate to.  If you should decide or prefer, moving to a Gated Community, there are a few things you should look into before making your final decision.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Gated Community:

  1. Age Appropriate: Some gated communities require that an owner should be 55 years or older.  Not yet a retirement community, but catering to a bit older people.
  2. Security: Are you moving to a country with a higher crime-rate, or just feeling a bit wary because of the unknown territory you are about to encounter?  You should consider if you will prefer the hassle of the restricted entrance gates, and be assured of the security, or prefer a less restricted community.
  3. Privacy or Open View: Would you prefer to have your home inside a hedge and your own garden, or will an open front view be to your liking?
  4. Amenities: Most gated communities feature the basic amenities like safe playgrounds for kids, maybe a park, a recreational area, etc.  There are communities that offer more, for instance, tennis courts and a swimming pool, or it can be a golf estate.
  5. Style of the home: Most gated communities have laws and regulations about the size and style of the homes in order to have a certain atmosphere and class.  Historic, Classic, Modern or Country, etc. are all available, you just need to explore and find the right one for you.
  6. Price and Levies: The price you are willing to pay should be your first consideration.  You should also make sure what the levies and fees are that has to be paid each month towards the Home Owners Association, etc.

It might be a good idea to find an International Real Estate Agency to help you with information regarding gated communities in the country you are moving to.  They will be able to provide the information you seek and the assistance you need in making the right choice.


Is This Phenomenon Of Gated Communities Happening Worldwide? Are These Communities Created For The Same Reasons Worldwide?

A Fortress, Fort or Stronghold were constructions and buildings designed for specifically defending a region.  Humans have been constructing defensive works and walls to keep themselves and their communities safe for thousands of years.

In Medieval times, nobility built castles (a fortified place of residence for an important lord or nobility) through which they controlled the areas surrounding them.  The castle and its grounds were the base from which they sent raids and defended themselves.  The whole formed a community.

In modern times, Gated Communities might be seen as being similar to that walled in communities, even though the dangers faced are quite different.  The reasons why gated communities are created are not always because of actual dangers that need to be conquered, but it serves different types of circumstances in different situations.

In different countries, these gated communities have different “motivations”.  There are different motivations for the need to create gated communities.  These motivations also differ between different countries.

There are countries that do not have a lot of gated communities, for instance, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom, etc.  On the other hand, you have countries like, The United States, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, etc. that has growing numbers of Gated Communities.

Reasons for Gated Communities:

China; most of the gated communities in China, like in most parts of the world, cater for the rich.  Many foreigners also chose to live in gated communities.  The intent of gated communities in China is to reduce crime and increase the order and safety of the public.

India; have many gated communities and neighbourhoods.  Mostly they are created for upper-class and upper-middle-class, and the very wealthy.  Although, ethnicity, also play a big part in the many gated communities.  People with the same background feel more comfortable together.

Mexico; gated communities are a result of a very large income-gap that exists in the urban area.  The close proximity of poverty and wealth created a high-security risk.

Brazil; has many gated communities throughout Rio de Janeiro.  One of the first big projects for gated communities was constructed in Sao Paulo during the military dictatorship in the 1970s.  The city experienced steep increases in taxes and faced poverty, rising crime levels, downtown decay and rural exodus.

Argentina; have many gated communities, especially in Buenos Aires.  In the 1990s, with the consolidation of liberal reforms, gated communities became important for people to try to cope with the high levels of criminal and violent activity.

Peru; has quite a few gated communities situated in, mostly, the wealthy districts.  These are home to a lot of prominent Peruvians.

Saudi Arabia; expatriate workers are provided with company-housing and are required to there.  Tight military security is established for the compounds that house big western populations.

There are differences in the motivations and reasons for gated communities in each part of the world.  Safety and security play a big factor in most of the communities, however, for some; it will always be for the status and a symbol of wealth.


Gated Communities: What Are The Reasons For Building A Wall Around A Group Of Houses?

A Gated Community, in our modern world, is a term used to describe a group of houses in a walled off section in a residential area.  It can be in the form of a housing estate, a residential community, a retirement village, etc.  The entrances to these gated communities are strictly controlled and you have to comply with the regulations and laws to get in and out.

These communities mostly consist of residential streets and shared public amenities, for instance, parks, a clubhouse, playground for children, sports facilities, etc.  They differ in size and features.  In many instances, these gated communities are planned together with the planning of a city, but in many others, it is added afterwards.  It can be new planning or an already settled area that is walled off.

The motivations can differ from:

Lifestyle-oriented:  Country Clubs, very often admittance to these are only through an invitation of a member or a sponsorship, also, only achieved via members.  Membership can be exclusive and sometimes handed down through families.  Country clubs are privately owned and offer various recreational and outdoor facilities, as well as, dining and entertainment options.

Catering to the Rich:  Sometimes, the gates and surrounding walls of the gated community are symbols of status and prestige.  If you consider living there, you will have to be approved and also abide by the rules and regulations and laws that are governed by the H.O.A. of the community.

Age restricted:  Retirement communities are designed specifically for persons older than a certain age, mostly 55 and older.  These communities cater for older adults that can still look after themselves, but also offer assistance- and home-care facilities when needed.  It usually includes age-appropriate activities and socialization.  Shared services and amenities are part of the features.

Safety and security:  In many countries, gated communities started to develop because of safety concerns.  Gated communities focus on the security and safety of its inhabitants.  The fact that entrance control is strict and that some gated communities have guard patrols, make living in them quite favourable for persons concerned with safety.

On the other hand; when you think about it; modern prisons are a form of Gated Community with no access in or out for unauthorised persons.  The only major difference will be the freedom of the patrons residing there.