About Us

As a Real Estate Realtor that operates throughout Latin-America and across national and international borders, we know the problems that can be experienced, as well as, the ways in which to counter those problems.  International Real Estate is a very dynamic branch of the Real Estate Business and is greatly influenced by market values and currencies between different countries.

Most International Real Estate projects have a commercial background and will include transactions between businesses, and corporations.  These types of real estate transactions can have an influence on a country’s revenue and can be a strategy to increase certain aspects of a country’s national infrastructure and the availability of amenities.

However, whatever type of property you are looking for, a home, multi-national business, international investment options, or urban development projects, we provide the service you need to find the best, the fastest.

We employ residential real estate brokers, as well as, commercial real estate brokers.  We have personnel that function in each different area of the Real Estate Industry.  They know what the regulations, laws and rules are in each community, and follow those strictly.

We love helping people find their dream properties and acquiring those properties.  We make the whole process progress smoothly.