September 2019


Calgary Canada Shows Rising Trend Towards Gated Communities

Over the years we have witnessed large swings in interest throughout the different real estate verticals in this blooming Canadian city. Calgary is Canada’s third largest city located smack-dab in the middle of the booming oil rich region of Alberta Canada.

But Calgary hasn’t always been a real estate hotspot.

Since 2013, the area has been a slump when it came to single family homes and real estate sales period. And only in mid-2019 of this year have we seen a swing to more positive numbers.

As interest grows throughout areas like Auburn Bay, Cranston, McKenzie Towne and New Brighton, we are beginning to see a rising interest in master planned or “gated communities”. Not to forget Altadore community known for its upper class homes.

Alberta Canada

Like the rest of North America, the trend towards community living has risen here in the Calgary region and with hyper inflated markets like Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto making purchasing there extremely difficult, Calgary stands out as an affordable alternative. Furthermore the province of Alberta emerging as a hotspot for energy sector workers.

With Canadian elections on the horizon, real estate investors throughout Western Canada await the results which surely will impact their investments and the potential for growth.

In the 2019 Canada real estate market analysis by, it is hard to ignore the rise in sales, particularly in condos, in the Calgary area. Naturally investors are breathing a little easier after five and a half years of declining sales.

That being said, the 2020 forecast is starting to show a much more positive environment for the market and as we’ve previously outlined above, the gated community and condo markets are the ones leading the way.

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